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The Veritas Board this year approved some important amendments to

the competition rules. Five instead of seven judges now serve on each

panel, while the 100-point tasting scale instead of the 20-point scale was

used in evaluation, in line with international standards. The availability of

only 50 cases (6x750 ml) of each winning wine is now required instead

of 200 cases in the past, to accommodate smaller producers.

By excluding any discussion on the panels, the results are a true reflection

of the judges’ views. Veritas continues to strive to improve the

competition to maintain the best possible standards.

Consumers increasingly take note of the results and use the Veritas

Awards as a yardstick when selecting wines for their enjoyment.

A Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze Veritas sticker on a bottle is

indeed a great motivator to buy the country’s best wines.

The SA National Wine Show Association (SANWSA) would like to

thank the wineries and brandy cellars that entered the competition. We

are grateful to the skilful judges who have freely offered their time and

expertise to participate in the marathon judging of so many wines and

brandies. We also salute the individuals who worked effortlessly behind

the scenes and ensured that the 2017 Veritas competition ran smoothly

and flawlessly.

Finally, Veritas thanks our financial partners, Agri-Expo, Deloitte and SA

Litho, for their continued and valued financial support which helps to

uphold the proud Veritas tradition.

Christo Pienaar

Veritas Chairman