Press Office

August 20, 2007

Behind The Scenes at Veritas

In this second article on Veritas adjudication, SA National Wine Show chairman Duimpie Bayly explains how the system works and how the panels and his organisation cope with intricacies behind the scenes
August 15, 2007

Wine experts unite for biggest Veritas tasting yet

The 2007 Veritas Awards, South Africa’s oldest and most well-known wine competition, will once again be graced by the presence of top international wine experts who, together with more than 100 local wine specialists, are tasked with judging the record amount of entries received this year.
August 5, 2007

Who Will Be Judging The Cream Of The Crop?

What is it about a wine that gives it winning status? Is it the rich aromas or the silky tannins? Could it be the fruity character or the zesty acidity? Find out what makes a Veritas winning wine, by meeting the faces behind the experienced palates of the Veritas judges.
July 15, 2007

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Veritas

What does perfume, talking, smoking and tea-breaks have in common? Nothing much you would think. Wrong. At Veritas judging things like these are taken very seriously.