The judging system for Veritas has been described as one of the most thorough in the industry.  Judging panels are representative of the entire wine industry and include winemakers, distillers, researchers, academics and merchants and are compiled in collaboration with the relevant cultivar work groups.

All the judges are required to have a wine judging certificate from the University of Stellenbosch, a Cape Wine Masters Diploma or a similar accreditation. International judges with vast experience in judging are invited to join the panels and to share their knowledge to award the best wines and brandies. Wines and brandies are tasted blind by panels that consist of three experts (in 2020) judging 10 wines at a time. Scores are awarded according to the international 100-point scale, without discussion. A Double Gold medal is awarded through a consensus decision by the panel if the wine/brandy scores 93 or more out of 100. Gold is awarded when a wine/brandy notches-up 90 to 92,9 points, a silver outstanding sticker will go on a bottle of wine/brandy if the wine scored 86 to 89,9 points,  a silver sticker will go on a bottle of wine/brandy if the wine scored 80 to 85,9 points, while bronze medals go to wines/brandies that scored 75 to 79,9 points. The integrity of Veritas’ judges is undisputable and the whole judging process is audited through independent auditors


ChardonnayChenin BlancDry White Wine
Panel 1
Dry White Wine
Panel 2
Sauvignon BlancCap Classique 
& Sparkling Wine
Johann de Wet
Frans Smit
Izéle van Blerk
Jacques Erasmus
Albertus Louw
Pieter-Niel Rossouw
Jacques Bruwer
Pieter Carstens
JD Rossouw
Christo Pienaar
Tom Blok
Bussell Retief
Nicolaas Rust
RJ Botha
Lizelle Gerber
Pieter Ferreira
Jeff Grier
Melanie vd Merwe
Bordeaux BlendsCabernet SauvignonDry Red BlendsMerlotOther Red Varietals
Panel 1
Other Red Varietals
Panel 2
Pinotage &
Cape Blends
Wilhelm Pienaar
JC Bekker
Nina-Marie Bruwer
Morné Vrey
Johan Jordaan
Berho vd Westhuizen
Susan Erasmus
Lisha de Villiers
Klaas Stofberg
Johnnie Calitz
Martin Moore
Andy Roediger
Johann Fourie
Lisha de Villiers
Gerhard Swart
Charles Hopkins
Anita Streicher-Nel
Anton Swarts
De Wet Viljoen
Andries Blake
Francois van Niekerk


ShirazPort Style & 
Sweet wines
Dessert WinesMuseum ClassBrandyVertex Award Panel
Alecia Boshoff
Janno Briers-Louw
Kobie Viljoen
Raymond Noppé
Colin Frith
Louis vd Riet
Henri Swiegers
David Biggs
André Scriven
Bennie Howard
Duimpie Bayly
Cathy van Zyl
Winnie Bowman
Lizette Tolken
Karin Visser
Abrie Beeslaar
Samantha de Morney-Hughes
Boela Gerber
Bennie Howard
Richard Kershaw
Raymond Noppé
Christo Pienaar
Izéle van Blerk
Cathy van Zyl
De Wet Viljoen
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